What is a Tantric Massage?

Tantra is an ancient Eastern science of spiritual enlightenment and in unlike most spiritual paths is the only way that sexuality is used as a gateway to ecstasy and enlightenment.

What does the massage look like?

While going through the massage your body will be continuously stimulated and generating sexual energy, making  while you enjoy peace and be total relaxed. In principle, the whole massage at a culminating work that playfully assembled and will be phased out. In consultation the massage can end up with climax

You will be massaged by more that a simple loss of sexual energy discharge takes place and a Tantric massage is precisely the aim of this sexual energy in the body to enhance and transform throughout the body around, making the body a erogenous zone with a large variety of erotic and sensual stimuli and these feelings are always ecstatic..

Tantric massage element

The Tantric massage element to learn one of the most sensual, erotic massage and tender forms at all.

Through this full body massage with oil your heart, your desire and melt your whole body feeling each other.
The Tantric massage is for respectful touch, for a sensual, intimate band from person to person. For touch, the profound, warming might not be. They mediate proximity, familiarity and security.
This is your erogenous zones of a very special attention. Together, you are also aware of previously unknown regions of the body spoiled.

In Hong Kong Tantric massage is an element of me always with a deep need, you want to do something good done. You should be able to let himself fall meets with sensuality and eroticism, feel right at home.

Sensual Massage

The sensual massage is a combination of some western operator rate and Tao techniques.

Our masseuses work with lots of natural oil and with nice long strokes teasing you, challenging heights. During the massage you will be from head to toe totally pampered in a stylish way stimulated.
The massage ends with a climax.

The minimum time for this massage is 90 minutes. If you prefer to enjoy longer that possible of course please let your masseuse know

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Tantra Massage

Tantra is delaying the peak. From the beginning until the end of your erotic massage you will be teased until you until you almost climax, then it is quiet again weakened. This is done throughout the massage. Using specific pressure points from the oriental techniques,  the masseuse will create a intense and mind-blowing climax.

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