Tantra Massage

Tantra is delaying the peak. From the beginning until the end of your erotic massage you will be teased until you until you almost climax, then it is quiet again weakened. This is done throughout the massage. Using specific pressure points from the oriental techniques,  the masseuse will create a intense and mind-blowing climax.

About Tantra

Tantra is for us the connection between spirituality and sensuality and especially sexuality. Tantra is a philosophy of life with great respect for all living things, including the sexual nature of man is respected. Our sexual energy is the strongest and most primal life we have. Our work is the connection of mind, heart and sexual energy basis.

Tantra is an ancient spiritual flow from the East, originated in India. The origin lies in the Hindu, but also in the Buddhist religion. Unlike many spiritual directions Tantra sexuality works as the way to ecstasy and enlightenment. It started as a religious cult with various rituals, meditations, mantras (short texts), yantras (internal images) and use of the chakras. With great openness and directness regarding sexual behavior and sexual techniques. The goal is to get in touch with your own source and inner wisdom and learn to connect between your sexual energy and heart energy, and for male and female energy to connect. For us Westerners is that you Tantra, as it was practiced formerly in the East, can not just take over. The cultural differences are too large. We therefore offer a number of modified methods, which are more in line with our Western culture and origin.
Why Tantra?

Some think that only Tantra has to do with sex. Tantra involves much more than that. It is a lifestyle in which to enjoy the center and giving priority to the intimacy, openness and contact with yourself for tackling the other to meet. Sexuality in Tantra takes an important place because it is the basic energy of the man. From there, everything arises. For most people it is (also correctly) that most energy is suppressed. In our sexuality, we are often deeply hurt. The result is that our life energy is often at a much lower ebb what our health (physical and mental) attack. This area shows you step by step again Tantra to discover and develop respect for your boundaries and those of the other.

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